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Talk to the new generation on their SmartPhones Apple has sold 93.2 million iphones Over 50% of Canadians are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices and finding websites that are incompatible with mobile devices. A special format and programming technique is required to make your website accessible by mobile devices
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Facebook’s Biggest Challenge (Mobile) Continues To Grow

Here's a sample (on your smartphone)
Use the ScanLife App on your smartPHONE
Scan this --- check it out

On your smartPhone this will automanticly go to the "MOBILE" verison of the site
or if you put "" in your smartPhone it will redirect to the mobile site also.

Your new custom mobile site will include
1) Picture of your store
2) Your address
3) A map to your store
4) Links to your social media
5) Your e-mail
6) Custom BarCode
7) Poster with your custom bar Code

This marketing plan has Twelve FREE business card ads
(B&W) in six magazines (
included in this deal also
FREE - 1,000 Full Colour Business Cards

Some of these promtions are discounted when your use our
POS debit machine

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We are focused on toronto advertising agency publishing local newspapers and SEO web sites for communities in the Toronto area.

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