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Social Business: Facebook + Google Plus

We claim your Facebook Place.
We claim your Google Plus Place.
Need to promote (like) your page

This marketing plan has Twelve FREE business card ads
(B&W) in six magazines (
included in this deal also
FREE - 1,000 Full Colour Business Cards

Some of these promtions are discounted when your use our
POS debit machine

What you get:
Picture of your store
Contact Info
Products Sold
Conversation with customers
A poster for your store promoting this

Around 97% of consumers turn to the Web to find local businesses. Roughly 83% of users often look for their needs on Google. According to Google, 20% of the queries done on its search engine are local. With the 11 billion monthly searches it gets, approximately 2 billion focuses on locations. Based on these details, your business can benefit greatly if you take advantage of search engine marketing. The click-through rates on Facebook walls are 6.5%, much higher than online advertising. 40%: The drop in Coca-Cola’s website traffic in the past year, but Coke’s Facebook page is up and is now the world’s most popular Facebook brand page (22m). 117% the additional amount a fan will spend on a brand compared to a non fan, 51% the increase in likelihood a customer will purchase, after clicking the ‘like’ button

Google Plus Has 54m Daily Users
But more important is the LOCAL Place Feature:

High ranking
Mobile marketing

Local-based search results
Google uses GPS targeting to show your location to potential customers. This means that even if prospects only type services or products within your niche, they will still know how to find you.

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